Caring for your Headwear

Millinery is delicate business! We advise that when you are not wearing your headwear you look after it using the tips we have given below.

Avoid getting your headwear wet or wearing it in the rain, millinery materials are naturally delicate and not always water resistant. If it does get wet, use a dry cloth and then let it dry naturally, preferably on something hat shaped or pack it with light coloured fabric to help keep it's shape whilst drying out. Don't try drying it with a hairdryer or putting it on the radiator, heat can cause the hat to shrink or distort.  

Your precious headwear will most likely fade if stored in sunlight, avoid leaving it near windows or in hot cars and extreme temperatures. Try to keep it in the box we provide or a sealed box of your choice, when not wearing it. This will keep it free from moisture and moths aswell.

Using plain, acid free tissue paper, pack areas needing shape such as the crown and brim. Avoid using coloured tissue paper in case it transfers onto the headwear.​

If there are any feather trims on your head wear, treat them with extra care, they are very delicate. if they need a freshen up, gently hold steam over them at about a 30cm distance to bring them back to life. Be careful not burn yourself in the process!

Keep a lint roller to get rid of any dust and hair and have squeaky clean hands when handling your headwear as natural oils will transfer.


Do not wash, dry clean or tumble dry unless the hat label specifically allows it


Avoid contact with make-up and sun-screen as these can stain the headband. If the inner headband gets damp with water or sweat, remove the salts from the sweat with a damp cloth and turn the headband out to dry.